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About Us

Brand Introduction
Kobo employs a distinct homegrown natural yeast fermentation process to craft a distinctive flavor and texture of the bread, setting them apart from other bakery products in Malaysia. Our bakery chefs from abroad use natural ingredients freshly baked in-store to create the finest artisanal bread.

Natural Yeast Bread
We choose to use the yeast which is naturally from the fruit to produce our dough when the yeast has propagated to sufficient amounts. After all, bread developed from these doughs are called natural yeast bread.

We use different types of yeast cultivated from raisins, apples, papaya, kiwi, bananas, dried longan, rye, and other materials to produce bread with a unique flavor and texture.

We proudly introduce our natural yeast bread with no added preservatives or other non-organic substances. Its yeast originated from natural fruit and these are definitely in line with nowadays’ emphasis on healthy eating trends.

Asian flavors European breads
In recent years, there is a rise in the European bread trend in Asian baking advanced countries such as Taiwan, Japan, and South Korea.

However, those traditional European bread which has a rigid orthodoxy taste and simple flavor is not generally accepted by Asian consumers.

To further improve our own bread, the original European bread dough is made softer before we add toppings, dried fruit, chocolate, and other ingredients. This eventually suits our local preference and thus becomes a new trend today. This bread is called “soft European bread”, which is a modified version of European bread.

We have further synergies with the baking method of European bread with local ingredients to produce a version suitable for the consumer market in Asia bread.